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Our Cheeses

We provide kosher, handmade, raw milk cheeses with premium hormone-free milk collected from small local family farms around the North New England and Canada areas.

We support artisans, farmers and lovers of cheese. We source our wheels from fine producers we know personally.

Our Fish
Coming soon!

Artisan Tradition!
Located in scenic Eastern Canada is a region where Acadian Culture is alive and flourishes and Acadian traditions, many centuries old, survive and thrive! One of many such traditions is that of slow-smoking fresh salmon from the Atlantic Ocean. Our Atlantic smoked salmon is carefully and lovingly crafted by our artisans from start to finish.

Healthy and Delicious!

Using only top-rated, Atlantic Canadian prime salmon, carefully brined and spiced by hand to enhance the fine taste of this incredible pink flesh fish. A robust nutritional profile, rich in omega-3's, 6's, and proteins. Cold smoked, the traditional, slow way using a mix of natural maple wood, yields a most exquisite taste.

Superior freezing capacities preserves the freshness and unique flavor of this delectable marine product. No chemicals or preservatives added. Consume within 5 days of defrosting since there are no preservatives to extend its shelf life unnaturally.

The fillets are basted in a lightly salted, refined recipe that compliments the hand -selected maple planks used for smoking, imparting a delicate smoke flavor that does not take away from the freshness of the salmon. Canadian food safety regulations and Acadian traditions mean much lower salt and better health for you!

Better than Lox!
The salmon flesh is gently smoked at 30°C, in a process which conserves the characteristics of the exquisite fresh salmon taste. Lower in salt than lox, this means “no mask” to conceal any discrepancies, so the fish has to be of inherent genuine quality and taste. Hot smoked salmon is delicious in casseroles and salads, and as a main dish or centerpiece to a buffet. The cold smoked salmon is ideal for bagels, canapés, hors-d’oeuvres and sushi.

Kosher and GF!
The Acadian smokehouse is HACCP approved, GMP compliant, and Kosher certified by the KVH of Boston. All products are prepared in a nut free environment, free of additives and gluten free.



LFE Cheeses:
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Address for Fish or Maple Suger
Rabbi Yitzchok Isaac Moshe Yagod
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